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Surprising Health Benefits of Walking Barefoot

If you find walking barefoot outdoors whether on sand or grass, there is great news for you. If you don’t, learning the benefits of allowing your feet to touch the ground directly will encourage you to take off your shoes and slippers every now and then. Allowing your body to come in touch with outdoor terrains to enjoy the Earth’s electrical charges is known as “earthing” or grounding.

Your body can benefit from the negative charges of the Earth when you make the most conductive parts of your body like points in the balls of your feet contact the ground. Earth’s charges would then stabilize your internal bioelectrical environment and so balance your hormones, set your biological clock and regulate your circadian rhythm. The stable bioelectrical environment induced by earthing also helps in reducing free radicals which causes inflammation.

Walking barefoot occasionally is completely safe as long as you make sure that you are walking on shard-free ground and pesticide-free grass. What is amazing about it is that you can do it whenever you like without paying for anything. Take your shoes off and wait for the following benefits:

Reduction of Stress Hormones

Earthing makes you more relaxed and thus help balance cortisol levels. This prevents further stress and makes you feel more energetic. Balanced cortisol levels also help in reducing your food cravings.

Relieving Pain

A lot of painful conditions like rheumatoid arthritis are caused by inflammation. Since grounding the body reduces inflammation, it helps relieve painful symptoms like swelling and stiffness.

Improving Sleep

One of the advices given to those who suffer from sleeping problems is to go outdoors as the light from the sun helps in setting their biological clock. There is another opinion that suggests making use of earth’s diurnal electrical rhythms by earthing to regulate sleep patterns.

 Health Benefits of Walking Barefoot

Surprising Health Benefits of Walking Barefoot

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