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Surprising Health Benefits Of Knitting

You will be amazed, science discovered that knitting can have several health benefits for you, knitting was shown to activate the brain which prevent age related memory loss diseases,

it can also protect you from depression, let us discover below how knitting can actually benefit your health below.

1- Knitting Activates Your Brain.
It is known that over 60% of the surface area of the brain is dedicated for the use of the hands, while knitting you use both of your hands so you are activating a huge part of your brain and engaging it, this can protect you from brain diseases as you age.

2- Knitting Helps In Brain Health.
Knitting should be the hobby for old people because it was shown by many clinical studies to prevent mild cognitive decline where you still can do everyday chores but have troubles remembering things, it was also proven to prevent dementia and MCI.

3- Knitting Can Distract From Anxiety.
Knitting requires you to concentrate on what you are doing, it requires creativity and visual-spatial skills so while you are knitting your brain is so busy concentrating on the project in your hands than in the problems in your life, studies showed that knitting helped teenage girls that were suffering from eating disorders by taking their mind away from thinking about their shape, weight.

4- Knitters Are Happy.
When you do an activity that you like you feel happy, you engage your mind and pinpoint the creative part of yourself, you also get a good feeling of accomplishment when you finish your project all that help in enhancing your self confidence and self-esteem so you perceive yourself as a happy person.

Surprising Health Benefits Of Knitting
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