Three Surprising Health Benefits Of Honey You Didn’t Know About

Honey has been used for centuries as a natural medication, it carry loads of wonderful health benefits, it has been also used and values as a natural sweetener way before sugar got popular and widely used in the 16th century. Raw honey offers exceptional health benefits maybe you didn’t know about, read the following to find out what honey is good for when it comes to your health.

1- Honey Is A Perfect Cough Medicine.

Honey is considered a perfect natural cough medicine, it relieves the discomfort in your throat and mouth by forming a protective and soothing film, clinical researches found that raw honey can work as good as dextromethorphan, an active ingredient in most of the over the counter cough medications, it also helps in relieving sleeping troubles in children due to cough or upper respiratory infections.

2- Honey Reduce Allergies.

Local honey which contains pollen spores that were picked up by bees from different flowers will slowly insert allergens into your system which works like vaccination, soon your body can build a natural immunity against the allergens and you won’t be allergic anymore, the recommendation is to take a teaspoon full of locally produced honey every morning on an empty stomach one month before the pollen season to allow your immune system build up antibodies against allergens.

3- Honey Fight Infections And Heal Wounds.

Honey was anciently used to fight skin infections and heal Wounds up until the 20th century when the different antibiotics and penicillin started gaining popularity, now honey is being considered widely again to be used to fight skin infections as a natural remedy free of side effects, thanks to its antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidants found in honey, it can be considered an ideal treatment for Wounds and minor burns.
Health Benefits Of Honey You Didn't Know About

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