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Surprising Foods To Give You A Flat Belly

Do you want to have a FLAT rather than FAT BELLY? Excess weight or abdominal bloating can make your midsection look and feel uncomfortable, to differentiate, abdominal bloating is a temporary situation caused by gas building up in the intestines, it could be caused by food you ate or a medical condition, however fat is as you know requires to change your life style a bit in regards of what food you eat and how much to move your body in order to have a flat belly, check out the following surprising foods to give you a flat belly.

– Fennel Seeds.

Dried Fennel Seeds are very nutritious, they provide fiber, magnesium, iron and Calcium, they have been used as a digestive aid for centuries as it helps to relax the gastrointestinal muscle which allows trapped gas to pass out and alleviate bloating. Chew up on halve a teaspoon after meals or drink Fennel tea.

– Salmon.

Salmon packs double sided benefits as it contains both omega-3 and vitamin D which when deficient can lead to obesity including abdominal obesity, wild salmon packs four times more vitamin D than farmed one, the omega-3 fatty acids in salmon also helps in flattening the stomach so have it twice a week.

– Eggs.

Eggs are a good source of protein and a perfect way to start your day if you want to flatten your belly, studies showed that people who eat eggs for breakfast are less likely to need snacks until lunchtime. Eggs provide vitamin B12 which helps your body to breakdown fat cells, it also packs vitamin D which low levels of in the blood is linked to obesity, choline is another power nutrient that eggs pack, it helps in the metabolizing fat cells, and the majority of these amazing nutrients are mainly found in the egg yolk, so be sure to eat eggs as whole.

– Olive Oil.

Olive oil is full of healthy monounsaturated fats that helps in controlling blood sugar levels which in return keeps hunger at bay, and reduces fat accumulation around the midsection, a recent study showed that the substitution of complicated carbohydrates with monounsaturated fats in those with type 2 diabetes helped in controlling blood sugar and improving blood lipid.

– Banana.

Although banana is perceived as a fattening food, it is an important food to flatten the belly, generally all potassium rich foods are good to de,-bloat stomach because they are natural diuretic triggering the release of excess sodium in the body cells which can cause water retention and make you look fatter than you are, the fiber in banana also helps in alleviating constipation and stomach bloating.

– Greek Yogurt.

Greek yogurt is a good source of calcium, a mineral that is required to reduce the production of cortisol which is a hormone that encourage belly fat and overeating, a serving of Greek yogurt provide you with 20% of your daily needs of calcium, it also provide you with twice as much protein as the regular yogurt provides and it even aids digestion and helps in the elimination of gas and waste.

– Cucumber.

Cucumber is loaded with water , and is naturally low in calories, one large cucumber has only 45 calories, it also helps in De-Bloat and eliminating gas from intestines, cucumbers has also been shown to reduce the activity of pro inflammatory enzymes which can also lead to the swelling of the GI muscle.

All the above listed foods can also help you have a flat belly if you are obese if accompanied with the right diet plane, they are not only good to De-Bloat but also to lose weight .

Surprising Foods To Give You A Flat Belly

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