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Surprising Factors that Threaten Male Fertility

The ability to have babies is a blessing that many people long for. Do not deprive yourself from fatherhood and its rewards; protect yourself from the factors that harm male fertility. The first measure you should take is to know these factors by reading on.

High Blood Pressure : Decreased count of well shaped sperms is associated with high blood pressure. Whether this effect is caused by the high blood pressure itself or by the medications that treat it, is not obvious. You can regulate your blood pressure and lower the need for medications by decreasing your salt intake and consuming a healthy diet.

Physically Demanding Work : Jobs that are physically exhausting affect the concentration of semen. On the other hand, office jobs don’t have a similar effect.

Heat : It is strongly advised to try your best to not expose your testicles to heat because exposure to high temperature decreases sperm count. When working with a laptop, keep it on a desk and do not put it on your laps. Moreover, visit hot tubs and saunas less often and avoid tight pants.

Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking : Excessive smoking and drinking take a toll on your fertility. So does the consumption of illegal drugs such as marijuana and cocaine.

Varicocele : Varicocele is a reversible cause of infertility in men where veins swell up and drain testicles preventing cool down. This condition increases by exerting a lot of effort and can be relieved by lying down on the back. Varicoceles are rarely painful.

Other Causes : Other causes that contribute to male infertility include being overweight, facing emotional stress and getting exposed to toxic chemicals such as pesticides, benzenes and herbicides. Hence, try to become fit, solve your emotional issues and stay away from hazardous chemicals to save your fertility and increase your chances to become a father.
Factors that Threaten Male Fertility

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