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Four Surprising Conditions That Make You Gain Weight

When the numbers on your scale start shooting up you will probably know the reason why if you have been snacking or enjoying cheat days, however if the numbers on your scale stay the same for no apparent reason then it could be a medical condition.

Hypothyroidism where your thyroid gland is not working as it should could contribute to your metabolism hence make it difficult for you to shed those extra pounds, not only thyroid problems cause weight gain, other medical conditions could be the cause of your weight gain, check them out below.

1- Sleep disorders.

Sleep disorders like sleep apnea, insomnia and restless legs syndrome can all lead to sleep deprivation which interference with the production of hormones that trigger hunger in the body, so you are very likely to overeat when you don’t get enough sleep at night and of course you will be tired and unable to exercise those calories away.

2- Depression.

Those who are suffering from depression often find themselves eating emotionally which leads to weight gain, they usually choose the foods that trigger the production of serotonin which includes mainly sweet foods, their activity levels would be very low as well and many antidepressant medications have a side effect of weight gain.

3- Pain Disorders.

Conditions that cause chronic pain could be the culprit for weight gain, including Arthritis, fibromyalgia or sciatica. People who are in constant pain have low physical activity levels and can’t sleep very well either. In addition, most of the pain meds have side effect of weight gain.

4- Cushing’s Syndrome.

Cushing syndrome is a condition where the production of cortisol is very high, which cause you to put on weight suddenly and fast, it also interferes with the way weight distribute, very round face, big belly and weak and thin limbs and muscles can be hint points for the condition.

Conditions That Make You Gain Weight

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