Three Super Liver Detoxifying Foods

The liver is a very vital and important organ in the human body, it is responsible for many vital processes in the body like metabolism, detoxifying, digestion, the storage of important nutrients and immunity, but the most important responsibility of the liver really is getting the body rid of the harmful toxins it gets in contact with on daily bases, so instead of over taxing you’re liver with toxins, why you don’t help it getting rid of the toxins by eating these following super liver cleansing foods? Let us discover these foods and how they can help clean your liver below.

1- Grapefruits.

Grapefruit is a rich source of pectin, vitamin C and antioxidants, so it provides a natural aid to cleanse the liver, it also contain a chemical compound called glutathione which is a powerful antioxidant that help clearing the cell damaging free radicals from the bloodstream as well as detoxifying heavy metals from the body, in addition to burning fats, so make sure you drink one glass of grapefruit juice everyday morning on an empty stomach.

2- Green Tea.

Drinking green tea daily will provide a great help in getting rid of the fat stored in the body as well as the toxins piled up in the liver. Clinical studies proved that the chatechins found in green tea helps to stimulate the lipid catabolism in the liver which is needed to get rid of fats accumulating on the liver and prevent the damage of different toxic substances like alcohol.

3- Lemon.

Lemon helps in the detoxification of the body and cleansing of the liver mainly due to the limonene present in it, it stimulate enzymes in the liver and flush away toxins from the body, also the high levels of vitamin C found in lemon increase the enzymes produced by the liver to cleanse itself and promote a better digestion.
Super Liver Detoxifying Foods

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