Three Super Inflammation Fighting Foods

Inflammation occur due to several factors that are surrounding us all in our everyday life, stress, toxins, Infections, injuries, weight gain, saturated fats and the list don’t finish, however to avoid chronic inflammation, you can simply follow a simple diet that contain balanced nutrients and alot of anti-inflammatories, chronic inflammation when happens can lead to several health problems from acnes to cancer, arthritis, neurological disorders, intestinal disorders, autoimmune diseases and so on, so make sure to avoid all those diseases by eating the following simple and delicious foods more often.

1- Soy Beans.

All beans in general are rich sources of anti-inflammatory compounds known as phytonutrients, however soy beans in particular is able to reduce the protein causing inflammation known as C -reactive more effectively, which is also very beneficial for your heart health, C -reactive protein often contributes to chronic artery diseases.

2- Salmon.

Not just salmon but all types of fish that are rich with omega-3 Fatty Acids like sardines, tuna and mackerel work greatly as anti-inflammatory agents, inflammation often happen due to unbalanced ratio of omega-6 which you get from any Fatty foods and omega-3, omega-6 is what causes inflammation, however Balancing it with omega-3 prevent inflammation, all you have to do is increase your consumption of salmon and other Omega-3 sources.

3- Ginger.

This spice is not only great to calm nausea and sooth sore throat, it is also effective in reducing inflammation and post exercising pain, the spice was found to cause a significant improvement in chronic inflammatory conditions like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid with regular usage.
Super Inflammation Fighting Foods