Three Super Foods To Prevent Inflammation In Your Body

Inflammation is a part of the natural immune response of the body to wounds or burns, however sometimes inflammation gets chronic or acute, in such a case the inflammation can last for months or years or for life time even, it is always a combined with sever pain that can affect our daily life quality, other symptoms to inflammation include joints pain, joints stiffness, loss of joint function, swelling and redness, inflammations is often reconsidered the rout for many dangerous and chronic health problems like cancer and heart diseases, below are some examples of foods you can eat everyday to reduce inflammation in your body.

1- Salmon.

Wild Caught Fish like salmon, mackerel and tuna are perfect sources of omega-3 Fatty Acids, which play key role in reducing inflammation by Balancing the harmful effect of omega-6 in the body that often lead to inflammations and dangerous diseases, to get the anti-inflammatory benefit of these fishes, try not to over cook them as over cooking can reduce the benefit of the healthy fats, enjoy these types of fish two to three times a week to balance your omega-6 levels.

2- Garlic.

Garlic is beneficial for many things, it is a super food, it is great for diabetics, hypertensive and to lower high cholesterol, many clinical studies also found that garlic is very rich with chemical compounds that reduce inflammation and have the ability to completely prevent it to a very considerable extent, for the maximum benefit, you are recommended to eat garlic raw on an empty stomach, you can also use garlic oil to rub painful joints.

3- Ginger.

Ginger contain a powerful anti-inflammatory chemical compound called gingerol , which affects the inflammatory process in the cells, which makes it ideal to treat both chronic and acute inflammatory diseases, if you have any type of arthritis you will be able to notice a huge improvement in your mobility within two weeks of consuming fresh ginger regularly.
Foods To Prevent Inflammation In Your Body

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