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Super Fat Burning Recipes. ( Green tea, Pear, Yogurt and Agave Nectar Smoothie)

Green tea is one of the top fat burning drinks you can get advantage of if you are trying to lose weight, the EGCG compounds found in green tea were proven to boost the body’s metabolic rate and burn accumulated fat, the Caffeine in green tea can also help you wake up properly, feel full and also burn fat. In one study drinking four cups of green tea everyday helped people to lose 8 pounds in only six weeks.

But if you are tired of sipping on hot drinks, this rich green tea smoothie is perfect to provide you with the needed nutrients and energy to start your day. The Cayenne spices, lime juice and agave nectar will even increase the fat burning mechanism in this super smoothie, check out how to make it, the ingredients and some nutritional facts about it.

To prepare this filling fat burning green tea smoothie, brew two bags of green tea in 6oz water, let cool and refrigerate.


3/4 cup green tea cooled.

One small Pear cut into pieces with skin on.

Two teaspoons agave nectar.

1/8 teaspoon cayyene pepper.

8 ice cubes.

Two tablespoon fat free plain yogurt.

The juice of one large lime.


Blend all ingredients in the blender until they are smooth and drink cold.

Nutritional Information.

Calories per serving 82/g.

Fat 0.02 /g.

Carbohydrates 21 mg/g.

Fiber 3mg/g.

Sodium 13mg/g.

Cholesterol 0.

This super fat burning smoothie is more filling than a regular cup of hot green tea and will help you lose weight even more, it can be perfect for a refreshing breakfast, only 82 calories to start your day.

Super Fat Burning Recipes

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