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Super Blood Pressure Lowering Smoothie To Start Your Day Instead Of Coffee

High blood pressure is a world wide health problem spread amongst both genders of all ages, it is a serious problem that can lead to other serious problems if left untreated for a long time, kidney diseases, damaged blood vessels, heart problems and even diabetes are all ailments that Prolonged high blood pressure can lead to.

To maintain your health you must keep your blood pressure in check, that can be done by a change in your life style, certain foods can increase blood pressure like sodium and fat rich foods while other foods helps I’m lowering blood pressure like fiber rich and potassium containing foods.

Your diet has a serious effect on your blood pressure, therefore you must choose wisely what foods to eat in order to regulate your blood pressure Naturally.

For example, all of is are used to starting our day with a cup of coffee and while coffee do wake us up properly and carry several health benefits, it increases blood pressure so it is better to look for other substitutes that still does the same refreshing effect but doesn’t increase the blood pressure.

This smoothie is delicious, nutritious and perfect to start your day with, it collect many Ingredients that work perfectly on regulating blood pressure and maintaining ideal cardiovascular health.

– The Ingredients You Will Need:-

Ground flaxseeds.

A kiwi.

A banana.

Skimmed milk.

Low fat yogurt.


– How To Prepare This Delicious Smoothie.
In your blender add half a cup of each strawberries, skimmed milk, low fat yogurt and slice both Banana and kiwi then add one tablespoon full of ground flaxseeds, you can add raw honey if you need.
Blend all ingredients together and add seven to eight ice cubes and enjoy.

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