Eight Super Anti-aging Foods

It is natural for us women to want to look younger and hold on to our youth and beauty for as long as possible, while there are too many products out there claiming to prevent aging signs, it is better to get back to nature for this purpose as the chemical products will highly likely have harmful side effects, the best way to look younger and maintain your youth is to make a big difference in your diet, what you eat is what you are, healthy and fresh foods plays a crucial role in making up your health and how you look, therefore it is the best technique to fight aging signs.

Aging is something unstoppable, however you an significantly slow it down, the aging process happen when the body cells get harmed by environmental elements such as sun rays, heat, pollution, won’t, etc, however keeping the body cells well oxygenated and nourished can help the cells to repair themselves and resist the damage that is happening to them, there are certain foods that can help your body cells stay youthful and in turn slow down any aging signs so read on.

1- Avocado.

Avocado tops the list for the anti-aging foods, that is because it is the most alkalized natural food you can eat, avocado is rich with vitamin E which is essentially to maintain the hair and skin in its best condition, it is best to be eaten raw, but the health benefits of avocado don’t get less effective if cooked as well.

2- Chocolate.

While most of us are livers for chocolate and we are well aware of the acnes Breakouts that chocolate can cause but it is considered one of the most essential foods to maintain the body cells rejuvenated and able to repair themselves, the skin problem that chocolate cause are mainly due to the high content of milk, sugar and butter, however dark chocolate contain important nutrients and powerful antioxidants and flavonoids that protect the body cells from the damage of free radicals.

3- Coffee And Green Tea.

If you are addicted to drinking coffee or green tea every day then keep it up, coffee and green tea are among the best drinks for anti-aging, they both contain high levels of antioxidants that protect your body from free radicals.

4- Melons.

Melons are also considered among the most important and effective foods to slow down the aging process due to the context of antioxidants and various nutrients and water melons contain, they keep the body cells well hydrated and nourished.

5- Beans.

All types of beans are considered a rich source of vegetarian protein, animal protein can lead to different diseases like heart and arteries diseases as you grow older, however healthy vegeterian diet will provide your body with the needed nutrients while keeping the risk of diseases at bay.

6- Vegetables.

Although many people may consider eating vegetables nothing interesting, however all types of vegetables are considerably low in calories and high in very healthy and needed nutrients for the body, specially leafy vegetables, an interesting way to consume vegetables everyday is by making a big plate of different variety of vegetable salad with an interesting tasty dressing that is made of lemon juice, salt, black pepper and your favorite spices with a little pinch of oil.

7- Nuts.

Most of the nuts contain anti-aging properties plus vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids, however walnuts and almonds are the highest, they also help to curb the appetite so having a small handful of nut everyday will provide your body with the benefits and won’t end you up over weight.

8- Berries.

All types of Berries are rich in vitamin C which works as an excellent antioxidant and it also promote the blood circulation assuring well oxidation for all the body cells.

Super Anti-aging Foods

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