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Motivation is the inner power that pushes towards achievement and taking action. It is powered by ambition and desire, therefore motivation is absent, if they are absent. You may have the desire to achieve a certain goal or to get something done, but if your ambition and desire are not strong enough, you will lack the initiative and the push to take the necessary action, in such cases you lack the inner drive or motivation.

Having motivation means you have energy, persistence and courage to follow your goals. A motivated person does whatever it needs to achieve their goals.

When you have a clear image of what you seek to achieve and a strong desire to manifest it, your motivation becomes strong; it awakens inner strength and pushes you forward to make your vision come true.

Motivation can be applied to any goal; there can be motivation to get good grades at school, study a foreign language, take a walk every day, get a better job, make more money, own a business, buy a new house, to become a doctor, a lawyer or a writer. One of the most important keys to success is motivation; you get no results, when there is lack of motivation. In contrast, you attain greater achievements, when there is motivation.

Compare a student who is highly motivated and devotes many hours for his study to a student who lacks motivation and hardly studies; there is a great difference in grades of each student. A motivated person sees the positive end result in their mind; they are happier and more energetic. To strength

your motivation, do as follows:

– Set a goal and if it is a major one, split it into several minor goals.

– Understand that it is important to finish what you start.

– Socialize with people with similar goals or interests, since positive attitude and motivation are contagious.

– Avoid procrastination because it leads to laziness and lack of motivation.


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