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5 Style Mistakes That Makes You Less Gorgeous

Looking gorgeous does not depend on how much money is in your wallet as much as how you use it. Sometimes even the most gorgeous look can be constructed of the simplest pieces. It would naturally help to avoid the style mistakes that makes you less of a gorgeous chick.

1- One mistake no woman should commit is ordering a certain size instead of trying them on for size. Sizes differ significantly according to the store, the brand and even the place where the clothes are manufactured.

2- Avoiding horizontal stripe patterns. This mistake can deprive you of some of the most gorgeous and chic pieces ever just because you think they will make you horizontally bigger. If horizontally patterned clothes are well fitted to your figure they will look gorgeous even if you a little overweight.

3- You think you should post everything you buy and wear on facebook and instigram. People have different tastes, so they might not like what you are wearing or buying. They can also be just envious and want to ruin your thrill with your new clothes. Buy thing for YOU not for anyone else. Don’t wear clothes because you don’t like them, not because others don’t.

4- Buying accessories haphazardly. You just go around and find a chic brooch or lovely earrings so you decide to buy them right away. What you have in your wardrobe should be on your mind when buying accessories.

5- You think you can only wear white before Labor Day. Many fashion designers have proved that to be wrong, and that you can look amazingly chic and stylish wearing white in winter. Just focus on leather, wool, cashmere and fur.

Style Mistakes That Makes You Less Gorgeous

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