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4 Stupid Things You Do That Ruin Your Morning and Rob You of Your Health

Did you know that how successful we are is neither determined by our careers nor degrees, but by these little habits we do often? So, if your daily routine is full of healthy habits you apply from early morning until late night, you will have more energy to achieve more. On the other hand if the things you do are “stupid”, you will gradually lose energy starting from the morning, and with time, it will be difficult for you to do almost anything.

So what are these stupid things?

1- Starting your day with a hot shower. I am not saying that you have to take cold showers everyday even at winter making your life your own private hell. However, hot showers make you drowsy, and fighting the temptation of going back to bed will be extra difficult with this habit.

2- Skipping the morning workout. Maybe you will argue that you don’t have a weight problem and thus don’t need a workout routine. Well, workout is not for losing weight. It is for improving your bodily functions and improving your overall endurance.

3- Jumping from your bed to the nearest computer or smartphone to check your email and Facebook is another seriously stupid habit. These things eat up time like…literally. They also shoot your stress levels through the roof. With this, you will find yourself unable to do anything as good as it should be done.

4- Filling your belly as soon as you wake up with high glycemic index foods is another stupid thing you do in the morning. Not only do these sorry excuse for a food make you moody and hungry, but they also build up your insulin resistance and enlarge your waistline.

 Stupid Things You Do That Ruin Your Morning and Rob You of Your Health