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Stupid Things That Make Painting Just Messing with Colors

It is a granted fact that painting something is one of the easiest ways of giving it a new makeover. However, people take this “easy” thing for granted when they try to give some piece in their furniture a new look, or when renewing the look of their walls etc. The result of some things they do when painting looks like as if a 5 year old was messing with colors. These things include:

1- The first mistake is neglecting instructions on the paint cans and tools and treating these instructions as if they were mere suggestions. Reading these instructions will help you save much time, effort and paint. You should apply the instructions to the tee to avoid any painting flaws.

2- Being too lazy to use painter’s tape is another stupid thing that makes your painting a mess that looks like something your kids do at an art class. Do you like paint getting where it shouldn’t? No? Then use the blasted painter’s tape!

3- This mistake I call “painting against the circumstances”. It is simply what happens when you don’t use a paint that is suitable for the walls or the weather, like choosing a water based paint for a wall you know you’ll wash often.

4- I just met a lady who learned “the hard way” about the mistake of not using a primer before painting. She said, “it was awful! We had to paint layers over layers and the old paint would still show up from behind them, and it took us forever to get the shade we wanted for the wall!”.

5- Painting is a creative thing. In other words, you do it to make a place looks beautiful. Therefore, DON’T RUSH IT! Rushed painting is what leads to a wall with strange concentration of color in different places and a surface that is uneven because of the layer of paint.

Stupid Things That Make Painting Just Messing with Colors

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