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5 Stupid Mistakes Women Commit That Attracts the Worst Types of Men

Do you sometimes hear women say that they are not usually successful with men? Or that they are not lucky enough to get good guys? Do you really think that the matter is pure luck, or rather that they do stupid mistakes that attracts bad men? Mistakes such as:

1- You associate “quite” with “boring”. This means you think that mature quite guys are boring. Just because someone is quite doesn’t necessarily make him shallow or boring, and just because someone is extremely social, has many friends, and throws a lot of parties doesn’t mean he is actually fun or even suitable for you.

2- You are emotionally prickly. It means you are judgmental and sarcastic, and this can scare away good men and draw the sort of man who always looks for a fight even if it is a verbal one.

3- You approve of inappropriate behavior. You laugh when you hear someone being insulted with obscene things. You don’t abide by the rules. You dress inappropriately. All of these send a message to men that you are a “bad girl” looking for a “bad man”.

4- You rather be in a relationship than be lonely. In your book, it doesn’t matter who is the man you are going out with as long as you are going out. This way you are satisfied with going out even if you are with a man who is a complete jerk.

5- You are thinking with either one of two: your heart or your head. So you either want a man who fits a certain list in your head, and you don’t mind going out with him even if you detest his looks and character, or you go out with a man you feel attracted to regardless of the fact that there is nothing in common between you two.

Stupid Mistakes Women Commit That Attracts the Worst Types of Men

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