Strange Things You Never Guessed Were Infectious

We naturally shift away from a person coughing and sneezing close by well aware of how cold is always contagious. Apart from more unpleasant diseases like HIV, there are many other unexpected things that are actually infectious.

Emotions : Research has proven that emotions such as happiness, fear, disgust and loneliness can be literally be transferred from a person to another. Evidentially, a scared person releases pheromones in their sweat that can be sensed by a nearby person arousing a sense of fear in them. Similarly, happiness and sadness from one individual would also reflect on his/her surroundings.

Desire : A lot of people would desire a certain object more when they find other people wanting the same thing. Therefore, goals and ambitions are an evident contagious matter.

Generosity : Studies have shown through observations that a person who experienced an act of generosity tend to give back to society back through generosity. From this, a person learns the secret behind collaboration.

Feeling Cold : People tend to identify with another person’s sense of comfort. This was concluded from an experiment made on a group of people washing their hands in warm water while watching another group doing the same in cold water. Results showed that the first group of people had unexpectedly colder hands.

Stress : Our bodies are programmed to look out for danger and stress is the natural reaction. Only looking at a stressed up person would raise your own stress levels by instinct.

Body Weight : If a person is surrounded by healthy people who take workout for a habit, they are more likely to follow the same path and eat healthy as well. On the contrary, being surrounded by people who constantly put on weight, they gradually lose awareness about what’s healthy and what’s not. In other words, losing and gaining weight is contagious within a group.
Strange Things You Never Guessed Were Infectious

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