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Stop Wearing Bras Immediately They Cause The Breasts To Sag

During all that time we were assertive that bras are good to hold the breasts up and prevent them from moving around which is specially appreciated for women with large breasts.

However, Jean-Denis Rouillion, a professor at the University of Franche-Comte in Besancon and a sport science researches, comes with different news, according to his researches for 15 years on the effect of wearing bras on 330 women aged ranging between 18-35 years old, wearing bras from an early age showed no effect in supporting breast tissue, reducing back or neck pain, or preventing sagging.

In addition, the research actually showed that from a physical, medical and anatomic perspective, breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity all the time like that. Indeed breasts may become even more saggier by the constant use of bras.

Additionally, the research team studied the development of the natural supportive tissues in the breast in women who wore the bra regularly and others who stopped wearing the bra, the results were shocking, those who wore the bra regularly the supportive tissue in their breasts stopped and their breasts became saggier while the other women who take it off most of the time had a 7 millimeter lift in their nipples.

Furthermore, the tram added that bras are generally bad for the circulation in the area and they reduce the overall tone of the breasts, plastic surgeon DR. Stafford Broumand who’s a member of the Castle Connolly’s Top Cosmetic Doctors believes that young women shouldn’t be encouraged to wear bras often in order to maintain the natural collagen production and elasticity in the breasts and thus maintain a natural lift.

Hence ladies, you should avoid wearing bras as long as possible so you can improve your breasts health and overall look naturally as well as avoiding the discomfort of bras.

Stop Wearing Bras Immediately They Cause The Breasts To Sag

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