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Stop an Annoying Ex in his Tracks with These Tips

If you are getting bombed with phone calls and text messages from a clingy ex who won’t just leave you alone, you may want to take action to prevent it and it is best to do that sooner than later, because the sooner you rid yourself of an annoying ex, the less the damage he could cause you.

Here are quick ways to get rid of all that annoyance.

1. Do not feel guilty.

You made the decision to end the relation and you surely had a very good reason to do that, so don’t, under any circumstance, start to feel guilty concerning it. You haven’t done anything wrong; it was your ex that has a problem, it wasn’t you. You will have to stand strong about this and hold onto your guns. You will be doing him a favor by making him understand that the relationship is actually over.

2. Don’t give him any faith

If he is quite besotted with you, it is very likely that he will be waiting for anything that he can use as a sign that you might get back in a relationship, so be mindful that you don’t give him any false hope to cling to.

3. Talk to him quietly.

Try to tell your ex, strongly, but calmly, that the relationship is done for and that you don’t wish to see him again. If he is bothering you, tell him that his calls and messages are bothering you and ask him to end them. Your initial step should be deciding to appeal to him and making him realize that the relationship is over.

Stop an Annoying Ex in his Tracks with These Tips

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