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Step by Step Guide for Making Chocolate at Home

Chocolate is an exotic delicious treat loved by many men and all women. However, not all chocolate is the same. In some cheap brands you can’t even tell that what you are eating is chocolate, and in some other brands the chocolate is rich and flavorful but it is ridiculously pricy. Here you will learn how to make chocolates easily and simply right at home.

1. In a clean, dry bowl melt about 250 grams of cooking chocolate by setting the bowl over a pan of simmering water on very low flame. You could temper the chocolate if you want to (watch chocolate tempering techniques on youtube.) When the chocolate is melting, prepare all the ingredients you want to put on your chocolate.

2. after the chocolate is done melting, (and tempering if possible), remove the bowl from the water pan and turn off the fire. wipe the moisture off the bottom of the bowl.

3. Pour some of the chocolate into molds. Tap them on the counter a few times and tilt them a little to make sure air bubbles are release and that the chocolate is distributed evenly in the mold.

4- before chocolate cools down, add the toppings you prefer to the chocolate, such as nuts, dried fruits, spices, candied nuts, seeds, raisins or any ingredients that you want. Do not add fresh fruit to chocolate though, since they will get rotten if stored. Press the ingredients lightly so that they can get inside the chocolate a bit.
You can also pour some of the chocolate, add the ingredients, and then pour the rest of the chocolate in.

5. Put the molds in the fridge right away and leave them until the chocolate hardens. Tempered chocolate doesn’t take much time to harden, barely few minutes.

This homemade chocolate is not just yummy; it can also be a great gift to someone really special.

Making Chocolate at Home