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Staring at Your Device At Night Can Cause Temporary Blindness

Even though you may have heard that scrolling down your Facebook before you snooze may mess up with your ability to enjoy a sound sleep, you probably still do that anyway, but you are not being very cautious about your health.
The time has come to take a serious reaction and put away your phone when you are going to bed, especially after you know that some cases of temporary blindness has actually been reported due to using devices in the darkness.

In a new study published by the New England Journal of Medicine, the bright light from your device in the darkness can completely sabotage your eyesight at least temporarily.

A 22 years old woman reported a vision loss in her right eye temporarily during the night and even after months of tests and researches, doctors still couldn’t find the cause behind the Case’s transient blindness, another 40 years old case also reported a temporarily loss in vision in one eye at morning when she wakes up that lasts for about 15 minutes, again doctors couldn’t find the cause.

Other cases with similar complaints were reported and finally doctors found one common denominator, all the cases spent several minutes staring at their devices in the darkness before going to bed, and all cases experienced the vision loss in the side of which they were laying on.

The research found that usually when you stare at a device in the darkness you use one eye while the other eye gets blocked by the billow which caused a medical condition called photopigment bleaching in the eye that is adapting to the bright light while the other eye is comfortable with the darkness.

Experts say that this problem occurs if you have only one eye open, so if you really have to stay logged on for those last minutes before going into sleep, make sure to use both eyes evenly.

Staring at Your Device At Night Can Cause Temporary Blindness

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