• Yoga for Weight loss, does it Work

    Yoga for Weight loss, does it Work?

    The answer is yes, yoga helps in losing weight, but not all yoga exercises helps in losing weight. There are two types of yoga exercises, the first depends on changing your mind and your way of thinking and let’s call it simple yoga and the other type is called power yoga which helps in losing weight mentally and physically, but you won’t be able to do it by yourself, you will need a help of an expert to avoid any injuries. Ok, is that means the first kind doesn’t help? No, it helps in losing weight, but in different ways. Let me explain more, practicing simple yoga helps your body to relax it sends the stress away which helps your…

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  • Warm Up Before Exercising

    The Reasons Why You Should Warm Up Before Exercising

    The reason the leads most of us to exercise is mostly our desire in staying fit, in shape and maintaining our health, which are all things that can be achieved by exercising regularly, on the other hand lack of exercises and physical activities can have its negative impact on one’s health. Laying in bed with a sore and injured muscles will surely stop you from following your regular exercising regime, and here comes the importance of warming up before any exercise. Warming up before exercising is not only important to prevent injuries but also many other things and below are the reasons why you should always warm up before exercising. 1- To Increase Body Temperature. While working out all of…

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  • Important Tips for Building Strong Muscles

    4 Important Tips for Building Strong Muscles

    Do you want to build bigger and stronger muscles in your biceps, chest, legs and more? You have to know that there are essentials before doing so that you can’t skip. If you plan to hit the gym soon, check out the following 4 important tips: 1. Cardio is as important as weight lifting Weight lifting is responsible for muscle building, but that is not enough when there is fat surrounding your muscles. By practicing cardio as well as weight lifting, you shed off the fat and make space for more bulging muscles. Jumping ropes, swimming, and even martial arts are also different forms of cardio. 2. Take weight training gradually One common mistake is taking on heavy weights right…

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  • Common Fitness Misconceptions You Must Correct

    4 Common Fitness Misconceptions You Must Correct

    No matter how you exhaust yourself with exercise, following fitness misconceptions will give you undesirable results. Therefore, it is time to stop working hard and start working smart towards the fitness you dream you have. Check out the following common myths that many of us follow on our path to a fit body so you can avoid applying them. 4. Believing that workout cancels the extra calories you consume Workout plays just about 30% of what you should do to lose weight and become fit. You cannot rely on exercise to eliminate all the extra calories you consume. If you follow a workout session by some desserts or junk food, you restore the calories you lost or even consume more…

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  • Top 5 Mistakes Treat Sore Muscles

    Top 5 Mistakes You Do to Treat Sore Muscles

    After vigorous exercise you usually experience soreness in your muscles a day after. This feeling is called delayed-onset muscle soreness, or DOMS and it’s due to inflammations of tiny tears between your muscles and adjacent tissue. The inflammations then trigger pain receptors and that’s when you feel sore. You may then resort to the wrong methods to treat the soreness, some of which are mentioned below. 1. Overuse of Painkillers : You may feel tempted to chug on painkillers thinking it’ll relieve the pain. Unfortunately, that’s not usually the case. Apart from not giving any evident assist in reducing pain, it delays the muscle and bone healing process by hindering collagen production. Their side effects also include gastrointestinal and cardiovascular…

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  • Quick Exercises To Tone Flabby Arms

    Three Quick Exercises To Tone Flabby Arms

    Toning the flabby arms after losing weight is not an easy thing to do, many women succeed to get to their ideal body weight but unfortunately they suffer from the problem of flabby arms even after dropping too much weight, it is quit common, even slim women may experience this problem, flabby arms can make you frustrated and unable to wear your favorite outfits that reveal your arms. Whether you just lost weight or you are just trying to maintain your body, you must include two or three arms workouts in your daily exercising regime in order to avoid the flabby arms problem. 1- Dumbbells. The easiest, most effective and affordable way to tone those flabs on your arms is…

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  • Best Ways to Stay Cool While Exercising

    The Best Ways to Stay Cool While Exercising

    Don’t let summer’s heat discourage you from exercising and staying active. Fight heat with coldness. Otherwise, stopping exercise you make you suffer from a lot of things like gaining weight, losing muscle mass, and even becoming unhappy because movements help in releasing good mood hormones. You can keep your body cool during exercise either by cooling your skin, or by cooling your core prior to exercise. Such cooling practices are known as pre-cooling and many athletes, especially runners, apply them to maintain a low body temperature during their races. One of these methods has a longer effect of coolness than the other. Discover the best way to stay cool through this article. Core Cooling This method involves drinking an icy…

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  • How to Prepare Yourself for a Marathon

    How to Prepare Yourself for a Marathon

    Do you want to challenge yourself with a marathon for charity or just for the fun of it? If so, you better prepare yourself right, and here is how: Study Marathon Course Before-hand : In order to avoid surprise and confusions before running a marathon, check out your marathon course and construct your own map. Speak to Expert Runners : The comfort and advice you get from former marathoners can be quiet helpful. Listen to the stories they have to tell, it will boost your enthusiasm. Don’t Run Everyday : It’s important to have rest days during your week. It’s been proven that training three to four days a week lessens the possibility of injury and is physiologically healthier than…

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  • Top Ten Most Popular Games In The World

    Top Ten Most Popular Games In The World

    If you are interested in sports, this list is brought to you, we are going to list to you the top ten most popular sports in the world according to recent studies, most popular sports can be ranked according to watching rate, practicing rate or even the most revenue generating ones, but on this list we will focus more on the most watched sports so read on. 10- Golf. Golf comes on the tenth position of the rank, it is a ball game where players compete together using many clubs to hit the ball into a series of holes, the idea is to use fewer and successful strikes to score, Gold has an estimated 390 million fans in the USA,…

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  • Ways to Ease Post-Exercise Muscle Pain

    8 Amazing Ways to Ease Post-Exercise Muscle Pain

    After trying out a new exercise or exercising more excessively than before, one experiences tormenting muscle pain in about 24 hours. This pain is called delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and is a result of muscle fibers getting an injury after exercise. When the fibers get little tears, the immune system responds by sending white blood cells which release chemicals which might be the cause of the pain. Fortunately, you can cure your suffering from achy muscles or avoid getting hurt by following the next advices: Before Working Out 1. Take up an Easier Exercise First If you want to start an intense exercise program, you have to prepare your muscles first by practicing easier forms of exercise. Train your…

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  • Advantages of Practicing Yoga

    Amazing Advantages of Practicing Yoga

    Yoga is becoming more and more popular all over the world for the amazing benefits it has. The practice of yoga is not restricted for those who aim for spiritual meditation or who seek to perform a religious act. In fact, yoga can give a wonderful positive impact on the health of those who practice its asanas, yoga poses. Breathing Advantages While performing the asanas of yoga, you are required to pay attention to your breathing and feel the effect of inhalation and exhalation on your body. This breathing exercise provides you with healing and relaxing properties. Makes You More Flexible A study showed that yoga helped individuals by enhancing their flexibility up to 35 percent after eight weeks of…

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  • Tips To Get Fit Without Going To The Gym

    Eight Easy Tips To Get Fit Without Going To The Gym

    Sometimes it happens where we have a very busy schedule to the extent that we can’t even find half an hour free to spend in the gym, We all been there. However that doesn’t mean you should give up your hopes of having your dream body, Fortunately we have brought you these following Eight Easy Tips To Get Fit Without Going To The Gym so you still shed those extra bounds even if your life is too busy to go to a gym. 8-Cut Down On Media . Most of us even with a super busy schedule still make sometime to check on Facebook, surf the internet or watch some TV, However if you cut down on media I’m sure…

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  • 7 Reasons It Is Important To Exercise In The Winter

    It is very important to exercise during the winter season for many reason , However this is not how many people think , most people think that the winter is the time for laying on the couch , eating meals with high calories content and doing nothing , which will end up increasing your waistline as soon as the winter finish , the following is a list of 7 Reasons To It Is Important To Exercise During The Winter and how important it is . 7- Exercise For A Better Mood . It is not easy to remain in a happy mood in those cold and gray days , which affect or productivity and motivation , However with exercising you…

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  • The Worlds Top Ten Tallest Footballers 21

    The World’s Top Ten Tallest Footballers

    Football is a game that don’t necessarily require a certain height for the professional level unlike basketball , you can fine talented and popular footballers of all heights range , but thinking about who is the tallest footballer in the world can be a question that come to our mind often , because a lot of people can be curious to know who are the tallest footballers in the world , below we have prepared to you a list that consist of a descending order for The World’s Top Ten Tallest Footballers . 10- Kjell Petter Opheim . Kjell Petter Opheim is a goal keeper in the Norwegian club Stryn , He also played for two other Norwegian clubs which…

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  • Top Ten Richest Footballers In 2014

    Top Ten Richest Footballers In 2014

    As we all know the football is considered the most popular sport in the whole world , over three billion fans of footballs spread around the globe , which makes it highly commercialized as many large and widely known company choose footballers to commercial their products , thus there is a huge deal of money involved in football, and because there are better footballers than others , some are more chooses to advertise brands than others which make some richer than others , in the following we will present to you a list of the Top Ten Richest Footballers In 2014 . 10- Kaka . His full name is Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, He is one of the most…

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  • Top Ten Most Popular Football Clubs

    Top Ten Most Popular Football Clubs

    Football is the most popular sport in the world for no doubt , it attract many fans everywhere on the globe , more than 3.5 billion fans of football watch it constantly and wait for the footballers news , footballers are also the most popular athletes and the most expensive in the world , but the popularity of any player is depending on the popularity of the club that he plays in although good players bring more popularity and fame to any club , find out below about the most popular football clubs in the world . 10- Bayern Munich . It is a German club with a talented and famous football team , It is a part of the…

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  • Ten Of The Best Football Strikers In The World 2014

    Ten Of The Best Football Strikers In The World 2014

    The strikers or also known as forwards , inside forwards and attackers are the players that usually are on the nearest row to the opposite team goal to score the goals , usually each team include two or three strikers , the strikers have to be fast , with a high control over the ball and dribbling abilities , and they are always confident to shoot with each foot , in the world there are many strikers who have fascinating performance in the field , below we will list to you Ten Of The Best Strikers In The World . 10- Wayne Rooney . Rooney has been impressive this season with his each appearance for Manchester United , Rooney has…

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  • Lionel Messi Top Ten Best Goals For Season 13-14

    Lionel Messi Top Ten Best Goals For Season 2013-2014

    The football shinning star Lionel Andrés Messi is widely considered the best footballer in the whole world at the moment. He managed to win every single trophy that is being offered at the club level. and is blessed to be loved by millions of fans in the whole world for the magic he does simply on the field. Many people often compare him to football legends like Pele and Maradona and it is actually expected to overtake them soon in regards of “greatness”, as he still have long time ahead. 10- Messi VS Valencia . Messi managed on the 1st of September, to score his twenty third career hat-trick in a match against Valencia CF which ended up by winning…

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  • Cristiano Ronaldo Top Ten Best Goals Of 13-14 Season

    Cristiano Ronaldo Top Ten Best Goals Of 2013-2014 Season

    Cristiano Ronaldo is a football player in the Sanish team, Real Madrid. He is considered by a lot of people as the best footballer in the world and the most professional in the career to the extent that made Real Madrid pay about £80 million to get him to join the team and leave Manchester United. Ronaldo began his career in a young age for Andorinha. Ronaldo is known with his many awards that he has won . indeed. He was the first player to score more than 40 goals in two years in a row , Below we will present to you Cristiano Ronaldo Top Ten Best Goals Of 2013-2014 Season. 10- Cristiano Ronaldo VS Rayo Vallecano La Liga…

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  • Top Ten Best Basketball Players Of All Times

    Top Ten Best Basketball Players Of All Times

    Basketball is a very popular sport throughout the whole world in deed it is one of the most popular sports in the whole world , many basketball players are so famous and multimillionaires , it was first played in 1891 in the United States and since then it has been the favorite sport for many young people around the world from bother genders , the average height required for a professional basketball player is above 6,3 ft for male players and 5,7 ft for female players but even a person with a 5,3 ft height can still enjoy playing this wonderful sport , all of us are fans for one or two players of basketball and we really like their…

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