Spinach – Astonishing Facts You Didn’t Know about Spinach

We are all well-aware of the super nutritional benefits of eating spinach. However, there are more amazing health facts you may never have heard of before this day about the delicious leafy green vegetable.

Cooked Spinach is Healthier than Raw Spinach : Our body is unable to completely break down and benefit from all the nutrients found in raw spinach. On the other hand, cooking the vegetable will release all its nutrients making it three times as healthy.

Couple Spinach with Food High in Vitamin C : Spinach is rich in iron and calcium but it also contains oxalic acid that inhibits iron and calcium absorption. Eating spinach with food high in vitamin C, such as cantaloupes and oranges, is one way to avoid the problem. Another way is to faintly boil the spinach leaves.

Know Which to Pick : Always pick small spinach leaves since bigger ones are tough and chewier. Also go for spinach placed under the light for higher nutritional value.

Freezing Spinach deprives it from its Nutritional Value : It’s better to buy fresh spinach leaves and eat it in the same day and avoid keeping it in the freezer.

Spinach is good for Your Skin : Spinach is rich in minerals and vitamins that are great for relieving dry skin and keeping it healthy. Regularly consuming spinach juice can show fantastic positive results.

Go for Organic : Spinach leaves are heavily sprayed with pesticides that don’t go away with simple washing. You should always shop for organic spinach.

Spinach juice is the Healthiest Way to Consume Spinach : Blend spinach with other vegetables or fruits and enjoy the deliciously green and healthy smoothie.

Spinach is Good for Digestion : Spinach protects you from stomach ulcers since it maintains the mucus lining of the stomach. In addition, it rids off toxins from the colon.
Spinach - Astonishing Facts You Didn’t Know about Spinach