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Some real facts and reasons for women’s hair loss

Women’s hair is an important part of their identity and hair loss is not a man’s problem only but women’s as well; any woman would freak out if she notices globs of hair in the shower drain. With men’s hair loss, the hair recedes and men start losing their hair on the tops of their heads; however it is not the same with women as they get diffuse thinning not receding hair.

Usually, hair loss patterns are inherited by members in the family or due to hormone changes or imbalance of male hormones, which can also cause excess facial and body hair and irregular periods.

Testosterone plays a major role; those whose bodies convert this hormone to DHT more efficiently lose more hair than others whose bodies are less efficient. The progesterone hormone found in oral contraceptives can act like androgens, which are male hormones making hair thinner and finer, so you better talk to your doctor to prescribe the right version for you especially if there is a hair loss history in your family.

Some women have diet issues such as iron and zinc deficiencies, which are important nutrients for strong hair, and this causes hair loss but you can fix it by eating more foods rich in those nutrients or taking supplements and to be more safe check with your doctor.

Major surgery or illness can also cause hair loss, and of course stress is another crucial reason for shedding hair, which usually subsides once stress is over. Giving birth can cause hair loss to some women due to hormones changes, but it regrows within several months.

Supplements containing biotin can help you, if you have hair breakage problems or biotin deficiency, which is very rare, but if you have hair loss due to genetics or hormone problems, then you need to visit a doctor for a stronger treatment.

Some real facts and reasons for women's hair loss

real facts and reasons for women's hair loss

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