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Actually men have unrealistic expectations for women that can be bluntly absurd. They do not realize that to look gorgeous this requires hours of careful preparation – face tone, mascara, blow dry, etc. So, do not walk nervously around the room sighing, looking at your watch and keep asking “Are you ready yet?” Men need to sit down and relax, if they want their women to look gorgeous.

They should also know that women cannot look skinny and curvy at the same time; most of men want the type of girl with a perfect body
– soft but not fat and slim but not skinny. That divine 1% of women who have your ideal body expectations might never accept you, unless you are equally hot.

Men assume that women sit at home and patiently waiting for their call, guess what women will continue keep their options open unless you are official.

As a man, you are likely not used to complaining or spelling out all your troubles and feelings, but in most cases a woman cannot read your mind and guess the reason for your being passive and aggressive. Instead of playing the game of charade with questions, just say what is wrong.

Of course, men do not like the annoying girl who calls ten times a day and texts in between; this can make you feel creepy. At the same time, if a woman does not call often enough, you assume she is not that into you. A man should define the fine line that is not too much or too little.

A guy usually watches unfair amount of sports – basketball, hockey, football and others – and this is socially acceptable in some way. Still, once a woman gets obsessed with a TV show or other activities, her decisions are questionable and this does not seem like properly balanced.


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