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5 Wonderful Solutions for the Cracked Nails Catastrophe

Trimmed neat finger nails indicate that you often take good care of yourself. Bitten and cracked nails are not. Cracking nails is an extremely frustrating problem a lot of us suffer from. When your nails are split easily, you may think it’s out of deficiency in your diet. However, the most common mistakes are too much exposure to water, lack of moisture, and repetitive application of nail polish and nail polish remover.

As nails grow slow, disappointment grow bigger when they split. If that’s a problem you suffer from, you may need to check out our following ways of avoiding and treating cracked nails.

Moisturize Your Nails : It’s easy to keep your nails moisturized by applying your usual hand moisturizer and rub it around your nails as you go. Repeat the process each time you make your hands wet when you wash them, take a shower, or wash the dishes. If that seems like too much work, applying the moisturizer before bed will do the job. Make sure your moisturizer has ingredients that strengthen your nails like collagen, keratin, and minerals that prevent dryness such as occlusives and humectants.

Stay Away from Water : Too much water breaks the keratin in your nails making them weaker and easier to crack. Try not to expose your nails to too much water by wearing gloves when you’re washing the dishes or dealing with chemicals in household cleaning products.

Cut Down the Remover : Acetone is a chemical in your nail polish remover that really dries your nails causing them to break.

Use the Right Soap : There are many different brands of soap. Pick a brand that contains moisturizers for the sake of both your hand and your nails.

Trimming Counts : Trimming your nails short, round and neat leaves them with a less chance of cracking.
Solutions for the Cracked Nails Catastrophe

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