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Can social media really affect our mental health?

The first email was delivered in 1971; more than 40 years have passed and social networking, such as Twitter and Facebook, are used on a large scale worldwide. However, this hyperactivity, according to researchers, can affect our well- being and mental health.

A study suggests that Facebook use can increase anxiety and feed the feeling of inadequacy and even can cause misery. It is presumed that Facebook fulfills the basic human need for social communication, but instead of enhancing well- being, it gives the opposite result undermining it; however this is the case for some people not every one.

The main attraction for internet is the ability to connect with the world around us, for example to send emails rather than using mail to send letters, and social media has started from this premise. It enables people from all over the world to interact through photos, discussion, audio and video. Facebook is the first social networking site and then followed by Twitter, MySpace and others.

The statement of Facebook’s mission is that it empowers people to stay connected with family and friends and to know what is going on in the world. Actually, this is the mission of all social media sites which they endeavor to achieve.

Some of us use social media to browse at the photos and updates of other people, and others to share their emotions, but the main reason we all share is for boredom relief and self- distraction. Social media delivers reinforcement in the form of “likes” and nice comments for those posting status updates, and this can lead to addiction.

Those who compare their achievements against their friends are liable to negative emotions and high levels of anxiety. On the other hand, another study reveals that social media can spread happiness through connecting to friends and sharing positive expressions.

social media really affect our mental health

Can social media really affect our mental health Can social media really affect our mental health Can social media really affect our mental health

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