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4 Smart Ways To Make Your Kid Feel Special

In today’s busy life parents sometimes feel like they don’t give their children the attention they deserve. While you may feel that you need to buy them many toys or make grand gestures to let them know they are special, this is not what makes your child feel special. In fact, making your child feel special is more simple than you can imagine. Here are 4 things you should be doing with your child everyday to make them feel loved and special.

1. Ask Them About Their Day:

Kids love to talk. You might not have all day, but setting aside time for each individual child to talk to you makes them feel loved and appreciated. Especially after they’ve been quietly behaving at school or at the sitter’s all day, they need to say what they want to say. This daily habit will help them feel comfortable talking to you about anything -something you will appreciate a lot.

2. Love What They Love: Sure, you’re probably not interested in what they love but loving what your kids love is a great way to show they’re important to you. Try to join them in watching their favorite cartoons or listen with enthusiasm to their favorite songs. Sharing in your children’s passions not only helps them feel supported, it also allows them to feel they are important enough to dedicate your valuable time to them.

3. Involve Them in Decision Making: Decide with them what to wear for the day, what toys to play with, what they want in their lunch and what chores they’re going to do. Especially at a younger age, giving them a couple options will help them decide and feel important.

This not only teaches them about responsibility, it also demonstrates to your kids that you trust them. They will be happier knowing they have a little bit of independence. As they grow up making decisions, your children will be better decision-makers in the future.

4. Make Eye Contact: We may believe we can listen to what our kid is saying while we dash off a work e-mail, but in reality, dividing your attention can make your child feel like you’re placing her second. So when your child come to talk with you, put down what you’re doing and give your child your full eye contact and complete attention. Ask a question or two that shows you’re truly listening and are present.

4 Smart Ways To Make Your Kid Feel Special

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