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Naturally, you meet rude people in your life that you dislike, but you have to pretend you like them. Here are some tips to help you deal politely with rude individuals:

• Try to understand their perspective first and approach the situation with them calmly, noting that understanding one’ motivations does not justify their behavior. People who act rudely and out of character a couple of times may be upset at something and take their frustration out on you. Though that individual should not let their emotions get the best of them, but we all have our moments of irrationality.

Other times, you meet people who are persistently rude with you, at work or school or anywhere else, they may have prejudice against your race, gender, occupation or maybe they are judging you for something you have done, and there is no point in attempting to disprove their biases.

• When the person in question does something offensive to you, look at them in the eye and politely but firmly ask them to please stop provoking you; use phrases like “There is no need for such rudeness/ aggressiveness here.” Do not lose your temper or be aggressive and stay calm so that the situation does not escalate.

Do not engage in their conversation or refute what they say – remember you are just trying to limit their annoying behavior against you; you do not need to prove yourself to them.

• If you think someone’s rudeness is based on a misunderstanding, go for it and try to resolve it. However, if you unleash a flurry of angry nonsense, recognize you have done all you can and that’s it. Some people do not realize they are being rude because they have not learnt certain social skills. You may want to politely inform such person they have been rude. Generally, you will get an apology and if not, patience or avoidance is required.