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6 Smart and Crafty Ideas That will Make Your Life Easier and Wow Anyone You Know

Do you spend whole minutes trying to thread a needle? Do you spend half an hour asking and looking for a friend’s house? Do you prick your fingers with loose pins each time your hands go inside your desk drawers? Do you find it a dilemma to get ketchup out of the bottle? Here are great and crafty ideas for all these and more:

1- Spray the end of a thread with a little hair spray or rub it with hair gel. It will stiffen out quickly making it easy to thread.

2- Keep your clothes always smelling fresh and fragrant by putting a bar of soap inside each of the cabinets and drawers. You find that pricy? Cut one or two bars into small cubes. For hanged clothes, put few soap cubes inside old stockings that have runs and hang them on the hanging bar.

3- Your kids have stuck chewing gum to their hair? Solution: first, don’t buy chewing gum any more. Second: rub where the gum is with peanut butter to make it slide off right away.

4- If you cant find your friend’s new house do not maximize your phone bills by waiting for him to give specific description over the phone. Just ask him to take its picture by their mobile phone’s camera and send it to you.

5- Do you find it difficult to get ketchup out of the bottle, so you shake the bottle in what looks like a new type of workout? Just poke the inside contents with a thin knife or a straw. The ketchup will come out easily after that.

6- Put a magnet inside the drawers where you keep pins and needles. It will gather them and you won’t prick your fingers each time you look for one.

So, do you have any crafty ideas to share with us?

Smart and Crafty Ideas That will Make Your Life Easier and Wow Anyone You Know

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