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Small changes to do to become a better person in 2016

Despite the fact that we are already a few months into 2016, there is quiet enough time for you to act on being a better person. With 9 months left, are you up for becoming a better person? If so, let’s take a look at the small changes you can do. Try to do all of these changes to be better or it least you may do one or two of them to feel a little bit better.

1. Be More Productive

Everybody definitely wants to be more productive and creative with their time and get more stuff made, and it is very easy to tell somebody to be more productive.

However in 2016, becoming a productive person is easier than it ever was. If you have a smartphone, you can download free productivity application, such as EverNote and OmniFocus. These apps are created to make you more efficient and organised.

You can also study productivity online hacks or ebooks, and you can view YouTube videos on productivity by motivational talkers. The more productive you become, the more success you will achieve.

2. Be A Mentor

Some people get anyplace in life with no mentor. No matter how successful you are, at some point in your life, you had yourself a mentor who showed you how to start in life. If you have got some talent, skills, and understanding that is useful, why have it only to yourself when you could use it to make someone else’s life better? Giving a hand to others and offering them a helping hand will make you feel great, and it also increases others’ probability of being a successful person.

3. Get New Clothes

My friend told to me yesterday that she dislikes the way she dresses. If you are the same go to the store and buy yourself some new clothes that suits your style. Besides, a new look is one seure way to manke anyone feel better

changes to do to become a better person in 2016

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