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Why Your Sleep Get Disturbed Often.

If you have been noticing yourself struggling to get to sleep every night or waking up frequently throughout the night or waking up tired every morning then you may be having some sleep issues and it is a serious situation that should be taken care of properly as it can affect your energy levels in the following day, suffering from the problem for a long time can even cause daytime fatigue, mood swings, inability to function and depression.

Putting your hand on the reason of why you can’t sleep good can help you find the solution and below is a list of the most common reasons why you are facing sleeping problems.

1- Stress.

Although stress is often disregarded as a serious problem that can affect the quality of your sleep it is one of the major causes for periodic bouts of disturbed sleep, while you are under stress, the adrenaline and cortisol production is increased in your body causing you to be always alert and unable to relax your mind or body, Prolonged stress can have a serious impact on the health in general.

2- Smoking Before Going To Bed.

One of the many negative effects of smoking on one’s health is disturbed Sleeps, the nicotine found in cigarettes works as a stimulant thus it can be responsible for waking you up several times throughout the night.
The good news is that, quitting smoking can immediately help in improving your sleep patterns.

3- Your Room’s Temperature and Light.

An ideal bedroom that helps to relax is that one that gets completely dark once the switches are off, any little light can disturb the production of a hormone called melatonin produced by your pineal gland which is responsible to make you relax, sleep and drops your body temperature.

Also note that your body relaxes most when the temperature is cool, not too warm and not too cold, so make sure to set the temperature right to suit your comfort.

Sleep Get Disturbed

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