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Want to Sleep Like a Baby? Know How to Choose the Perfect Mattress

A suitable mattress for a comfortable slumber varies according to personal preferences as a group of people might like firm mattresses while others prefer soft ones. There are no scientific criteria that describe the perfect mattress to sleep on, but some medical conditions require certain types of mattresses to ensure a healthy restful sleep. Read on to figure out which mattress style suits each medical condition.

Neck Pain : If you suffer from neck pain, pick a mattress with medium firmness which is neither too soft nor too firm. Otherwise, accompany a firm mattress with a soft pillow top to provide your spine with cushioning while supporting it.

COPD or GERD : Individuals with COPD or GERD need to elevate their heads while sleeping to avoid heartburn and breathe with ease. The best way to get elevation is to choose a bed with an adjustable mattress to be raised as desired. Adjustable beds are also beneficial for those suffering from sore joints as the mattresses can be bent at the knees.

Allergies and Asthma : Some mattresses are labeled as hypoallergenic with the claim that they inhibit the growth of dust mites. Unfortunately, these claims are untrue because dust mites would grow on any kind of mattress. The bright side here is that you can cover your mattress with a slip on cover that is washable and prevent dust mites from reaching you; thus, preventing allergies.

Extra Tips

Memory Foam Mattresses : Memory foam mattresses are much more expensive than coil mattresses and don’t provide much more comfort. Such a mattress is most helpful if you have a partner who keeps tossing and turning all night, this mattress will not transfer the effect of their motion.

Replacing Your Mattress : When you use a mattress over a prolonged period, it loses its quality through wear and tear. Try not to hold on to a mattress for more than ten years.
Sleep Like a Baby Know How to Choose the Perfect Mattress

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