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Lack of sleep can affect your body weight, metabolism and your health in general

A new research reveals that losing just 30 minutes of sleep can influence body weight and metabolism, as it can increase the risk of obesity and insulin resistance. Sleep hygiene is found to be a key component in studying metabolic control. People tend to accumulate sleep debt during the week, due to work and social commitments, and they make up for the lost sleep at weekends. Nevertheless this has metabolic consequences.

On the other hand, avoiding sleep debt can affect positively onĀ weight loss and sugar levels in blood; it helps counteract obesity and diabetes.

Lack of sleep can raise the levels of fatty acids in the blood; insufficient sleep can reduce insulin ability to regulate blood sugars in addition to disrupting fat metabolism.

Fatty acids levels in blood usually recede overnight, and when you get only four hours of sleep, they remain high which means reduced ability of insulin to regulate blood sugar.

Fatty acids are important as an energy source for our body tissues, and the demand for fatty acids increases during exercise, but constantly high fatty acids in the blood is usually associated with type 2 diabetes, obese individuals and cardiovascular disease.

Prolonged periods of insufficient sleep can cause chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and obesity as well as reduced productivity, cancer and premature death. Normally, blood pressure is expected to fall during nighttime, but during restricted sleep period this does not happen; also heart rate gets higher than in normal sleep.

Some tips for you to get a good night’s sleep are: to dim the lights an hour before going to bed to prepare your mind and body for sleep, keep noise to the minimum, turn off electronics and choose comfortable pillows and mattresses. Of course, other habits can promote good sleep such as to avoid caffeine and large meals close to bedtime.

Lack of sleep can affect your body weight, metabolism and your health in general

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