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Sleep before 11 pm to lose weight and stay in shape!

When I hear someone complaining to me about having difficulty sleeping, I constantly try to figure out why, because it is something that also occurs to me every now and then. Sleeping difficulties can have different types of reasons, but in our article, I will only talk about the one that has the greatest influence on the human body.

Is my sleeping past 11 pm to blame for my excess calories accumulation?
The answer is, unfortunately, yes. On average, the test subjects slept at 11:23 pm. During their sleeping hours in bed, the people in the normal weight group who went to bed every day around 9:30 pm burned nearly 220 more calories than the people that went to bed very late at night.

Dr. Kristin Aschbacher, lead researcher of the study and a psychologist, said people who manage to go to bed early at night (around 7 pm and 9 pm) eat better. Their diet frequently consists of fruits, vegetables, fibers, and proteins.

However, late sleepers are likely to have a diet based on fast foods and saturated fat and they tend to drink even more alcohol. The reason for the variation of diet between the two groups of people lies in the overproduction of leptin and ghrelin in their bodies, these two hormones which are responsible for controlling satiety and hunger.

Bad sleeping habits affect these hormones in a negative way. As a result, you can conclude that sleeping early, with a healthy diet and a light regular exercise, can really boost your metabolism and help you lose weight.

So let’s make some effort and try to sleep before 11 pm! This way we will not feel tired and will be able to keep our weight under control!

Sleep before 11 pm to lose weight and stay in shape

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