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Six Effective Ways To Overcome Sleep Addiction

While some people are deprived of sleep . some others are oversleeping until it becomes a habit that is hard to be controlled . it is normal to oversleep every now and then but doing it too often until it make you lazy and unable to be as productive as you should be in your day then it becomes a problem that need solving . on this article we will help you to overcome your problem of oversleeping and becomes an energetic . productive and an early rising individual . discover below Six Effective Ways To Overcome Sleep Addiction .

6- Shorten Your Sleep Gradually .

Shorten your sleep duration gradually 30 minutes every week . it was proven that the body needs about one to two weeks to get used to a new sleep pattern, try to have a short 30 to 40 minutes naps in the middle of the day to give your body a boost .

5- Improve Your Sleep Habits .

There are many things that you can do that will give you more relax by a shorter sleep which will make your body get its sufficient rest so it don’t get tired during the day , like avoiding smoking or drinking near to bedtime , avoiding caffeine in the afternoon or near the sleep time , stick to a sleep pattern and expose yourself to sunlight everyday .

4- Set Specific Times To Sleep And Wake Up .

Try to get your body used to sleep on a specific time and wake up on a specific time everyday , set the alarm to wake you up and put it away from the bed , try your best to wake up by that specific time everyday but don’t beat yourself , if you fail one day don’t force yourself or it will only get worse .

3- Change The Way You Think Of Sleeping .

Stop thinking that you need more sleep than everybody else or you can’t help it . you need to think of sleeping as if it is a necessity of surviving not anymore . convince yourself that you can perform greatly in your day with an average sleep pattern .

2- Get Yourself Motivated .

A strong motivation will be a great way to help you overcoming sleep addiction , a motivation that will shake you from inside enough to get you to give up your habit , think about how many great things you can do with the excess time you waste sleeping everyday .

1- Decide To Wake Up .

You have to be convinced that you need to start taking a step forward to change your life , sleeping is a way of escaping from reality . it is a pleasant and effective way to temporarily escape from your reality , knowing how to deal with that thing that you may be escaping from will help you to achieve your goal of overcoming sleep addiction .

Six Effective Ways To Overcome Sleep Addiction

Six Effective Ways To Overcome Sleep Addiction


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