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4 Situations Where Inflammation is a Blessing Not a Curse

Of all the problematic health issues we are daily warned and reminded of, inflammation is probably the most dangerous. It is understandable since it is the key trigger to many dangerous illnesses such as kidney failure, depression, psoriasis and cardiovascular disease among many others.

However, such a dangerous thing can sometimes be beneficial, even healthy. It is so in these situations:

1- Sometimes when we trip and fall or have some unfortunate high-heel accident, or even when we play some sport roughly we notice that the ankle area of our legs is swollen and that it hurts like hell. This is caused by inflammation and that is a healthy phenomenon because the flesh around the ankle is turned into something similar to a cast. This helps in protecting the area from any more damage and by this it can be treated more quickly.

2- Inflammation can happen if some insect (bees, ants etc.) stings you. Although the stung area might be so red, swollen and painful that it looks like it is going to burst any second, it is actually a good sign that it gets this way. This way, your brain will send the antibodies and white cells needed for treatment as soon as possible. Moreover, the inflammation will keep the poison from reaching other areas in your body.

3- shave cuts can cause inflammation as well. This means the cut area is being treated, because inflammation is triggering blood clotting to happen and seal the wound, and in the process it prevents the germs and microbes in the air from invading your body.

4- Inflammation is probably one of the healthiest symptoms that can happen following the first few times of doing physical exercise. Your tissues might be suffering from internal damage you know nothing about. And by inflammation, it is calling the regenerative elements in your body to treat the damage inflected by exercise on your tissues.

Inflammation is a Blessing Not a Curse

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