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Simple Tricks To Spot Fake Plastic Rice

There are too many food innovations or let us say “fake food” in the markets nowadays and the origin is always one place China, those fake foods are filling up grocery stores and unfortunately very difficult for most of us to spot them, one of those fake foods is ‘plastic rice’, plastic rice that looks, feels and tastes just like real rice, for a normal consumer it could be very hard to find out that the rice there are eating is actually made up of plastic. As you may already know that plastic is made up from harmful chemicals that shouldn’t be ingested at all. So to protect yourself and your children from many serious health threatening conditions that eating plastic could cause, we brought you some tricks to spot fake rice when it is still raw.

. Take a glass of water and drop some rice in there, the fake rice will float on the top and the real rice will sink, in most cases they mix fake and plastic rice together so it is very hard to spot.

. This is another way to spot fake rice, take some rice and burn them with a lighter or matches, if your rice is mixed with plastic rice then you will be able to smell plastic burning.

. You can also cook some rice without oil or salt, now put the rice in a jar and put that jar in a dark place, the plastic one won’t rot because plastic doesn’t get affected by whether or temperature, it will remain the same while real rice will start to rot within two days.

. You can also use very hot oil to spot fake rice, drop some rice in boiling oil and the fake one will drop to the bottom of the pot while real rice will float and get whiter.

. You can also observe the rice during the cooking time to check out if there is any fake rice, plastic rice will form a thick layer at the top while real rice will remain in the bottom of the pot cooking as usual.

Now with these tricks you will be able to spot out plastic rice even if it is mixed with real rice, make sure to test any bag of rice you buy and don’t trust the brand you use no matter how expensive or high quality it is, eating plastic could cause fetal health problems for you and your children not to mention that it contains no nutrients at all.

Simple Tricks To Spot Fake Plastic Rice

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