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A Simple Trick To Cure Dry And Dull Skin During Your Sleep

Don’t let the fact that it is charming summer weather now fool you and make you think it is not possible for your skin to dry up and flack off, we all know that the cold winter air can suck the hydration right out of your skin pores and leave your skin dry and flaky, but the problem with skin dehydration can last throughout the year specially while using all the serums and masks to maintain your skin cool or after getting exposed to the sun light in the summer even if humidity level is considerably high.

Fortunately there is a rather simple hand-free solution to maintain your completion glowing throughout the year which is a humidifier, you know it. The small machine that you probably connect to keep seasonal colds at bay.

Sleeping with a humidifier on actually provide a ton of glowing skin benefits because it infuses the air you are sleeping in with moisture which helps your skin to easily retain the hydration it lost throughout the day or during your sleep.

This process is known as transepidermal water loss in dermatology.

The skin naturally loses water as a result of evaporation which is something out of your control; you are simply susceptible to dehydration throughout your day and during your sleep.

Making sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day can help retain lost moisture however helping more with an external source of hydration like a humidifier or a hydrating skin moisturizer will provide all the needed sources to retain all the lost water in the skin cells. A humidifier is the best option, the stream coming out of the humidifier can easily and quickly penetrate your skin pores adding a beautiful sheen to it when you wake up.

Cure Dry And Dull Skin During Your Sleep

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