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Four Simple and Treatable Reasons For Daytime Tiredness

Having no energy to carry out the basic daily chores despite having a good night sleep in the previous night is not a pleasant thing, being tired all the time and exhausted can be a sign for several illnesses and malfunction in some of the body natural processes,

however it can also be a result of a wrong lifestyle and adopting wrong habits, this article will mention to you some of the reasons that are not life threatening or dangerous that could be causing your continued tiredness and fatigue.

1- No Exercise.

No exercising can leave you fatigue and in a low state of energy, it is easy not to specifify sometime in our daily schedule for exercise due to the busy lifestyle we all are leading, however daily exercising courses will have many positive effects on your life and health including boosting your strength, boosting your energy and improving your sleep at night.

2- Dehydration.

Dehydration is also a major cause for feeling tired all the time, when you don’t drink enough Fluids your blood circulation and pressure both get affected, you blood pressure drops which causes a low supply of oxygen to the brain and hence leave you exhausted and unable to concentrate.

3- Nutrition Deficiencies.

A poor diet can cause you to be deficient on one or more important nutrients which will impact your energy levels, there are four essential nutrients that if deficient can likely lead to fatigue which are vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Iron and Magnesium.

4- Poor Sleep Quality.

The quality of your sleep doesn’t only mean how many hours sleep you get at night but also how comfortable your body gets during your sleep , it is ideal to sleep in a cool dark room where there are no noises at all, even a little sleep deprivation can cause you to be very tired the following day.

 Treatable Reasons For Daytime Tiredness

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