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Very Simple Things You Can Do to Make Your Days Much More Productive

Many researches were conducted to find out how to make our time more fruitful, and they discovered that our ability to be productive and have more productive time majorly depends on two elements, energy and self-control. By boosting these two we can make our time much more productive. There are some very simple things we can do to enhance these two elements, such as:

1- Drinking two cups of water with a squirt of lemon juice (without sugar) first thing in the morning. This helps your body flush out all the toxins that were building up from the night before. It also makes your stomach better at receiving nutrition from food. Don’t add sugar as it will ruin this energy enhancing equation. You will have to wait for fifteen minutes or so before eating anything

2- Exercise a bit. Remember that we said that you need to drink water with some lemon juice 5 minutes before breakfast? Why don’t you use that time to exercise? Exercising builds up your stamina and makes you more capable of facing the daily hardships.

3- Be pickier with your breakfast. What some people call breakfast, I call trash. A donut isn’t breakfast. A measly bowl of sugary milk-less cereals isn’t breakfast either. And of course, you can’t call a cup of coffee with a barren slice of toast breakfast. Most of your breakfast should be protein with vegetables.

4- Quoting Mark Twain, eat a metaphorical frog. This means you should get the toughest and most annoying part of your work done first thing, and then you could finish what is left. This is because your energy levels are at their highest (which makes you more capable) in the morning.

5- Plan ahead your day. Writing what you need to do in your day will make your goals more set and easier to achieve.

Things You Can Do to Make Your Days Much More Productive

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