10 Simple Tips to Have a Fair Healthy Skin

Acnes affect negatively on one’s look as well as their self-confidence. They also might leave marks or scratches that worsen the problem. Nevertheless, there are 10 important advice that you should follow to get a fair healthy skin:

1. Exercise on a regular basis to activate the circulatory system and reduce the accumulation of fats. Walk at least for 15-30 minutes every day. Exercising won’t just improve your skin and help it rid itself of accumulated dirt but will boost your overall health and protect you from cancer as well.

2. Don’t scratch your skin or pop your pimples so as not to produce more bacteria and worsen your skin’s problem. To get rid of pimples, clean your skin regularly with a mild skin cleanser and use a facial scrub twice a week.

3. Drink a large amount of water since it helps clear the skin from any dead cells. Drink at least 8 glasses of water at least every day. Make sure you refill your water bottle often.

4. Eat vegetables and fruits as they will help you get a glowing fair complexion. Preparing homemade vegetable soup instead of dried ready-made store-bought soups ia a valid strategy as well.

5. Drink as little caffeinated drinks (such as tea or coffee) as possible and drink green tea instead, lemon or honey water and fresh juice instead.

6. Dry your face very well after washing it with a clean tissue or a piece of cotton. Don’t rub it harshly with a towel.

7. Wash your face after using cosmetics to avoid closing the skin pores and do not use cosmetics often. Let your skin breathe.

8. Wear sun block during daytime to avoid the sun rays which harm the skin.

9. Avoid sleeping in the daytime and sleep well at night because night time is when the body produces hormones that renew body cells.

10. Make sure your face skin does not come into contact with any unclean stuff such as hands, cell phones, dirty pillows or towels.
To conclude, following these tips will certainly help you avoid the unpleasant problem of acnes and get a fair glowing skin.

10 Simple Tips to Have a Fair Healthy Skin

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