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Simple tips to prevent your pimples from getting worse

Acne is very common in the teenage years and for some people up to 30 years old, so if you have acne, don’t worry you are among millions of people having it. First, we need to know the causes of acne or if you want zits or pimples.

In teenage, hormones change and cause acne which is also common during pregnancy or stressful times, and of course genetics plays a role, as if your parents used to have acne, it is very likely that you will have it. A pimple breakout pops up anywhere including the neck, back and shoulders but mostly the face.

A simple skin care regimen, washing your face twice a daily with lukewarm water and gentle cleanser, is your first defense against mild pimples. Sometimes you need more treatment to prevent an acne breakout like medicated creams, lotions, cleansers and more-strength topical ointments.

This can be paired with oral prescription including antibiotics, and the last resort is laser treatments. It is recommended to treat your whole face not just the visible pimples to address the pimples under the skin that are not visible yet.

Unfortunately, acne requires treatment for a long period of time, and you should not stop without your doctor saying so, otherwise you will have another pimple breakout just when you start to get better. If you ignore treatment, you will experience scarring skin and persistent pimple breakout, which makes you feel anxiety and low self- esteem.

To prevent acne from getting worse, avoid scrub or scratching and of course avoid the sun exposure; also it is important for men to be careful while shaving. Finally, you better know that acne, despite being a bummer, it should not take over your life; with these simple tips you can overcome it.

 tips to prevent your pimples from getting worse

Simple tips to prevent your pimples from getting worse Simple tips to prevent your pimples from getting worse

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