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6 Very Simple and Effective Tips for Lowering Cholesterol Levels Naturally

Many of us must have been through the experience of being chided by their doctors for having high cholesterol levels. That is because high cholesterol can cause some really serious diseases with fatal complications. However, there are some really simple things we could do to lower cholesterol levels naturally, including:

1- Control how much you eat. Did you know that the energy humans actually need is available in about half the size of your palm of food? You can have this portion about 5 to 6 times a day. And that is even what people used to eat before their movement became so limited with technology.

2- Know what type of cholesterol is in your food. Not all food increases cholesterol levels, even when it contains fat. For example, although fish, nuts and avocado are rather fatty, they are rich in the good type of fat that can lower cholesterol levels.

3- Antioxidants lower cholesterol levels naturally, so look for foods that are rich in them, such as tea of all kinds and fresh fruits and vegetables.

4- People turn to foods that can raise cholesterol levels so early in the morning because they can get really hungry after long hours of sleep. Substitute fried eggs and bacon and other foods that raise cholesterol with whole grains, yogurt and boiled eggs.

5- Avoid refined carbs. Refined carbs are found in sugar, white bread and similar foods can complicate things up if you have high cholesterol levels. Substitute the potatoes and white bread of your diet with whole grains and whole wheat bread.

6- Change your life style into one with lots of movement. Notice that I didn’t say exercise because the change should be in every part, not just the exercise hour.

Tips for Lowering Cholesterol Levels Naturally

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