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These Simple Affordable Tips Will Make Your House Fruit Fly-free

Fruit flies can annoy the hell out of anyone. What is even more annoying is that they have a habit of increasing gradually, and much to your dismay, you will find that you are seeing these little pesky creatures everywhere in your house a few days after. However, there are actually things you could do to get rid of this menace. Here are some things to make your house fruit fly-free.

1- Make sure you have got rid of all the spoilt fruits and vegetables in your house, because they are what make fruit flies breed and gather. Moreover, do not just toss the fruit in your garbage bin. Put it in plastic bag and tie it tightly and then get rid of it, preferably outside. If there are any remaining stains or juices left of the fruits or vegetables, clean them up.

2- Wash clean the garbage bin. You should wash the garbage bin often as it can be the breeding grounds of fruit flies. Wash your garbage and recycle bins with soap and a little bit of disinfectant and put them upside down for a while until they dry up completely before using them again.

3- Your compost bin needs cleaning too. Do not let fruit flies make your green way of living a bothersome thing. Just clean your compost bin outside. Everything you use in the process should be thoroughly cleaned as well.

4- If you have old cleaning rugs, cleaning sponges or mops, then there something that needs to be done. Either toss away these things and replace them, or boil them clean. There is no place better for a fruit fly to breed than the folds of a wet old cloth.

5- As soon as you finish eating, do your dishes. Those who do not wash their dishes until they pile up always have fruit fly infestation. Since dishes have the remaining juices of your food, they can attract fruit flies. So, wash your dishes regularly as often as possible.

6- Check places where you store vegetables other than your fridge. You do not store onions or potatoes in your fridge, right? If onions and potatoes are stored in a plastic bag in a place that doesn’t have much air circulation, then there is a good chance that they will be the breeding grounds of fruit files. Store onions and potatoes on a shelf – or in a basket – somewhere airy.

Tips Will Make Your House Fruit Fly-free

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