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Signs That Your Vagina Is Not Healthy

Just like the health and well-being of any other organ of the body is important for the overall health, the vaginal health is also important.

An unhealthy vagina won’t only affect your libido and self confidence but also your fertility and even your uterus and cervix.

An unhealthy vagina is also more suscpitble to infections like bacterial and yeast infections, therefore it is always important to look for any alarming sign that indicates any vagibal malfunction to prevent any undesired serious health complexes.

Presented below is a list of the most common alarming signs of vagibal unhealthiness so read on.

1- Itchiness And Burning Sensation.

An Itchiness and burning sensation in the vagina is indicator for imbalance in the vaginal microorganisms, which means that harmful bacteria or fungus are outnumbering the good microorganisms that are naturally found in this area to ward off infections, this could be a result of a certain infection or a chemical imbalance in the body.

It could also be caused as a reaction to an ingredient in one of the soaps or vaginal washes you are using.

2- A Smelly Discharge.

You know the smell of your discharge which is usually mild and light in healthy cases, however a strong foul smell of discharge that is unusual to you could indicate bacterial vaginosis which is a common bacterial infection that after the vagina.

3- A Discoloured Vaginal Discharge.

The discharge is crucial to maintain the vagina clean, lubricated and with a balanced pH levels, a normal discharge is usually white or see through however a red or brown discharge on normal days that are not before or after the time of your period could indicate cervical or Uterine Cancer.

Yellow or green discharge could indicate trichomoniasis.
Grey discharge can be a sign of bacterial vaginosis infection.

Signs That Your Vagina Is Not Healthy

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