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5 Signs That Tell You It Is Over between You and Your Partner

How do you think people build successful relationships? They don’t start one and hope it lasts! People build happy and successful romantic relationships guided by their past experiences. These experiences may be theirs or might be of someone they know. Therefore, they are already “educated” on how to tell if a relationship is successful or not. Some of the signs that tell you that you are in an unsalvageable relationship are:

1- Both you and your partner have objectives and goals, but they are at completely polar opposites. In the pursuit of these goals, the distance between you two (physically and metaphorically) increases. With time you find that you are seemingly in a relationship when you are not.

2- You don’t trust each other. I think it goes without saying that lack of trust is a deal breaker. After all, it is the basic requirement for building a relationship.

3- You think that your partner is insane. Maybe not insane in every sense of the word, but you may think there is a serious flaw in his character, such as being a narcissist, a misogynist, paranoid, etc. Naturally, you can’t be in a relationship while you are walking on eggshells all the time because of these flaws

4- You question yourself all the time about this relationship. If you feel that you are wondering most of the time whether this relationship is really worth it, and start things like seeking counseling about it or listing the cons and pros, then you have –most probably – had it with this relationship.

5- You two have very different prospective about the important things in life. Things like values and goals are really different for you two. So, if you want children while he doesn’t, believe in monogamy while he doesn’t, then the relationship will most probably fail.

Signs That Tell You It Is Over between You and Your Partner

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