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Eight Signs You Are Not Ready For A New Relationship

After a relationship is over, confusion take place, sometimes you feel you want to get in another relationship and sometimes you wish to always be single, it is normal for you to feel like that, time cures everything, but before going into another relationship with all of your confused feelings, first determine whether or not you are physically and psychologically ready for another relationship or you still need time, there are signs that can indicate that you are not ready for a new relationship, and below we will list you some of the most common signs so read on.

1- If You Still Love Your Ex.

If you still have love feelings for your ex then commitment at this time will only bring problems, you will not be happy and you won’t be able to forget your love once you get in another relationship, if you are not happy, you won’t be able to make your partner happy, so ask yourself, do you still love your ex?

2- If You Are Depressed.

Starting a anew relationship with depression will bring no good, both you and your partner will end up suffering from this relationship, if you can not bring positivity to the situation and happiness then it is better to just take your time first so you don’t end up hurt again.

3- If You Have No Time.

A new relationship will require care, effort, dedication and time of course , if you are too busy with your work and personal life then there is no point to bring someone else just to suffer from your absence and busy lifestyle in your life.

4- If You Are Not Willing To Change.

A new relationship will need compromising and adjusting to new habits, traditions, mood, lifestyle, etc, so if you are not willing to change yourself to adjust with a new relationship then it is better you take your time first.

5- If You Are Already Secured.

If you feel secured and happy to be single then don’t pressure yourself to have a man in your life, if you don’t have any need for a man and love then it is just better to stay the way you are to be always happy.

6- If You Compare Everything To You Precious Relationships.

If you find yourself always comparing everything to your previous failed relationship then it is better to take your time first, because there will be no point of committing back to a new relationships, you won’t be able to simply find another copy of your ex.

7- If You Don’t Trust Men.

A new relationship should be based on mutual trust, if you can not trust any man at all then any relationship will have a weak base, which will eventually lead to failure, if you can not trust men, how will you be able to have a healthy relationship?.

8- If You Are Passionate About The Life.

You will not want to commit to a relationship and make a huge change in your life if you are already happy with everything you have and don’t feel anything is missing, if you are passionate about your life as it is then you are not really interested to commit to a relationship for now.

Signs You Are Not Ready For A New Relationship

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