Four Signs You May Have A Kidney Disease

Despite the fact that kidney disease is quit common among adults, more than 90% of those having kidney diseases are unaware of their condition, that is because the symptoms of kidney diseases can easily be attributed to other health condition, the only way you can know for sure the state of your kidneys is by testing, however if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms and you are 60 years or over then it is highly likely that your kidneys are failing, among the most common symptoms of kidney disease is constant high blood pressure, protein in the urine and diabetes.

1- Your Urine Is Foamy.

If you are noticing excessive foam in your urine that may require you to flush more than one time to get rid of then you are highly likely to have a kidney condition, the foam in urine indicates high levels of protein coming down with the urine, the foam should look quit similar to that happen when beating an egg.

2- You Notice Blood In Your Urine.

Healthy kidneys don’t let the red blood cells leak into the urine during the blood filtering process, however damaged or sick kidneys can’t succeed to do that, so some red blood cells can leak into the urine, seeing blood in the urine can also indicate tumors, kidney stone or infection in the urinary tract.

3- Persistent Cramping Muscles.

Crambing in the muscles can be an indicator for improper kidney function, for instance, low levels of calcium and phosphorus can lead to muscles cramps.

4- You Need To Urinate Often.

If you notice that you need to urinate more often and particularly at night this can be an indication of kidney disease, when the filters of the kidneys are damaged it creates a bigger urge to urinate, an increased urge of urination can also be an indicator for enlarged prostate and urinary tract infection.
Signs A Kidney Disease

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